F ight obesity, improve posture and strengthen you lower back without hitting the gym or paying for those expensive spa massage! Achieve all this, while you are in your office, hard at work. Sounds ridiculous? Want to dismiss this as a joke? Hold on just a little longer. The answer is unseeingly simple; switch to Stand Up/ Standing desks at your work place!

We know that the question burning inside your mind is:

What is this Stand-Up desk? Why do I need one? And, how will it help me improve my health as mentioned earlier?

Stand Up Desk or
Standing Desk:

A Stand Up Desk or Standing Desk is a desk conceived for writing or reading while standing up or while sitting on a high stool. It honestly is no rocket science and people have been using it for centuries now.(According to Wikipedia)

Recently we came across a documentary done by BBC (UK) stating “sitting for long periods increases the risk of diabetes, heart diseases and, death”. Hence, a sedentary life style will book you an early grave. Standing desks help you dodge all these mortal arrows....Read more!

Standing Desks:
A good idea for children?

Numerous schools are now-a-days opting for standing desks as it ensures that children remain active and their lower backs are not weakened by bad posture strain caused by sitting for long hours. Seeing its benefits, it is perhaps not a bad idea to have stand up desks for children’s room.

Such desks will not only help them study but could be a part of numerous games. Its shelves could work as a storage space which is.... Read more!

A Guide to Different Standing Desk


Standing Desk
Models and Features

Leading a sedentary lifestyle has been found to have a significant impact on a person’s health. It’s not just about the minor discomfort or the usual stiff neck or lower back pain (although these can be serious cases for some); the lack of physical activity brought about by sitting for the greater part of the day at work causes people to miss out on the benefits of regular and consistent exercise. Over time, this sedentary lifestyle can contribute to the development of illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

For millions of people across the globe, remaining seated for under...

How Much Do
Stand Up Desk Cost?

Well, if you’re after quality, you need to pay for quality. However, there are brands and designs on the market that deliver impressive quality without the steep price. For example, the Ergo Depot Jarvis Bamboo is one great-looking standing desk and it’s made from highly durable and pliant bamboo. It delivers the same value as a great desk that costs $1,500.00, but it can be purchased for half that price tag at $742.00. There have been some modifications to the design of this stand up desk to further improve stability given its height, but there’s no reported difference in the price.

If you want something cheaper but also good quality, the...

Where Do I Start?

A Guide to Different Standing Desk

While, it is wonderful to switch to stand up desks, you need to ensure that you buy one which will be most suitable to you.

DIY Standing Desk:

If you don’t intend to buy an entire new desk, get these attachments to transform your regular desk into a stand up desk:

Monitor mounts: these should be sturdy ,Adjustable in height(upto 27”), and have ability to tilt. Cost: (single mount )20-30 dollars (double mount) 25-40 dollars.

Keyboard supports: Should be upto your elbow length. Cost- 20-30 Dollars

Footrest Bar: These help you shift weight and avoid swollen ankles. Cost – 10-30 Dollars.

Make a healthy choice today and opt for standing desks at your workplace as well as for your kid’s growth and stronger spine.

To get your own reasonably priced standing desk which are easy to assemble or are already assembled, click image below:

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The Most Popular Standing Desk Online?

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